Jackson-Gwilt Medal

Jackson-Gwilt Medal

The Jackson-Gwilt Medal is awarded for outstanding invention, improvement, or development of astronomical or geophysical instrumentation or techniques. This medal is awarded to individuals or teams who have success in single investigations of sufficient merit (including emerging areas). This award is open to researchers from early career positions onwards.

After the Gold Medal, it is the oldest medal offered by the Society, and derives from a gift by Mrs Hannah Jackson-Gwilt niece of the well-known architect and former fellow, Joseph Gwilt. She gave the Society a capital sum which was to be used after her death for the award of a medal.

To nominate for the Jackson-Gwilt Medal

Nominations should be submitted by 31 July for the following year's awards and should include:

  • The online nomination form
  • A full CV
  • A short list of key refereed publications (preferably with citation data. Ideally, this publication list should be extracted from the Astrophysics Data System)
  • Your nomination (minimum length 300 words, maximum length 600 words). This should address how the nominee fulfils the criteria of the Award, in particular the single investigation for which the nominee is being proposed should be clearly highlighted. The nomination should also include the nominee's present career stage, the nominee's present post, and other awards and honours. Successful nominations argue a strong case for why the nominee deserves the award over and above one of their peers working in the same area. It is helpful if the nomination is phrased in such a way that extracts from it can be used in the formal recommendation of the Committee.
  • Additionally, please give details of two referees who will be contacted by email and asked to send supporting statements.

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