Education and Outreach Committee

Committee 2019

Prof Becky Parker (Chair)
Prof Mike Cruise (President) 
Philip Diamond (Executive Director)
Dr. Robert Massey (Deputy Executive Director)
Dr. Sheila Kanani (Education, Outreach and Diversity Officer)
Lucinda Offer (Education and Outreach Officer)
Mandy Bailey (RAS 'A' Secretary)
Charles Barclay
Taj Bhutta (IOP)
Alex Brown (ESERO)
Dr. Paul Daniels
Paul Denton
Neville Hollingworth (STFC)
Ulrich Kolb (OU)
Prof Don Kurtz (UCLAN)
Jenny Lister
Andrew Newsom (NSO)
Dr. Paul Roche
Dr. Kierran Shah (NSC)
Dr. David Swinscoe


A Chair who must be a Fellow, and up to six members Ex-officio members: RAS Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, plus one representative from STFC, IoP, OFSTED, the Bradford & Faulkes Telescopes and the National Schools Observatory.

Terms of Reference/Responsibilities

The aim of the Education and Outreach Committee is to encourage and support engagement in astronomy and geophysics ( A&G) in schools and with the general public by - maintaining, improving and publicizing the RAS education resources database - recommending candidates to Council for the RAS teaching award - supporting teacher training for GCSE Astronomy - facilitating talks by professional scientists to school students and the general public - ensuring the maintenance of a publicly accessible database of forthcoming outreach activities in A&G - supporting such other projects (usually in cooperation with other organisations) consistent with the aims and resources of the committee

The RAS Education and Outreach Committee works within the framework of the 'Washington Charter'.