Education and Outreach Committee

Committee 2022

Prof. Andrew Newsam (Chair)
Prof. Mike Lockwood (RAS President)
Philip Diamond (RAS Executive Director)
Dr Robert Massey (Deputy Executive Director)
Dr Sheila Kanani (RAS Education, Outreach and Diversity Officer)
Lucinda Offer (RAS Education, Outreach and Events Officer)
Dr Sheona Urquhart (RAS 'A' Secretary)
Arun Balaraman
Angela Bentley
Dr Taj Bhutta (IOP)
Dr Alex Brown (ESERO)
Paul Denton ('G')
Dr Neville Hollingworth (STFC)
Prof Ulrich Kolb (OU)
Jenny Lister
Dr Fraser Lewis (Faulkes)
Dr Kierann Shah
Rachel Wood



A Chair who must be a Fellow, and up to seven members.

Ex-officio members: RAS Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, Education and Outreach Officer (staff do not vote), a Council member. One representative each may be invited from organisations or bodies with a significant contribution to astronomy or geophysics E&O such as STFC, IOP, ESERO-UK, National Space Centre and educational robotic telescopes (Faulkes and Open University Telescopes and the National Schools' Observatory).

Members will be elected for a period of 3 years, with possible re-election for one further 3-year period. Ex-officio members should rotate from within their organisations on the same timescale where that is possible for that organisation. The committee will typically meet two or three times each year, with members also expected to support RAS education and outreach activities between meetings where their commitments allow.


Terms of Reference/Responsibilities

The aim of the Education and Outreach Committee is to encourage and support effective engagement with astronomy and geophysics in schools and colleges and with the general public. As well as instigating and organising activities, this will involve supporting and providing direction for the Education and Outreach Officer(s), providing advice to Council, making recommendations on Education and Outreach spend, and collaborating with other organisations, where these are consistent with the aims and resources of the committee.

The committee will further the equality, diversity and inclusivity aims of the RAS by promoting and supporting activities that engage with audiences and groups under-represented in the fields the Society represents. The committee will also provide advice and guidance on the evaluation of past and ongoing activities and so help to ensure that the work of the RAS is effective in promoting astronomy and geophysics, and in reducing or removing barriers to participation and access.