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Bullerwell Lecturers and Lectures

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1981 Douglas, A. - Two problems in forensic seismology twenty years on.

1982 McKenzie, D.P. - Geoid anomalies and mantle convection.

1983 Vail, P.R. - Seismic stratigraphy and the evaluation of depositional sequences and facies.

1984 Gubbins, D.A. - Secular variation and reversals of the Earth's field.

1985 Shaw, J. - How strong is the Earth's magnetic field?

1986 Westbrook, G.K. - The structure and dynamics of subduction-accretion complexes - the physical evidence.

1987 Kusznir, N.J. - The strength of the continental lithosphere.

1988 Watts, A.B. - Flexure of the oceanic lithosphere.

1989 Christie, P.A.K. - Applications of borehole acoustics in geophysical exploration: a review.

1990 Howarth, R. - Geophysics in the British Geological Survey - the Bullerwell legacy.

1991 Browitt, C. - Earthquakes.

1992 White, R.S. - Melting in the Earth: the alliance of seismology and petrology.

1993 Whaler, K. - MAGSAT's impact on studies of Earth's internal magnetic field.

1994 Lovell, M. - The Art of Borehole Geophysics.

1995 Warner, M. - Continental lithospheric seismics.

1996 Meju, M - Geoelectromagnetics, geology and the environment: understanding electrical images of the subsurface.

1997 Main, I.G. - Statistical Physics of Earthquakes and Faulting.

1998 Woods, A.W. - Fluid dynamical controls on volcanic eruptions.

1999 England, P. - The End of Continental Kinematics

2000 Jackson, J. - Velocity fields, faulting and continental tectonics: where have we got to?

2001 White, N. - Interrogating Sedimentary Basins

2002 Sinha, M. - Electromagnetic Geophysics and the Structure of Mid-Ocean Ridges

2003 Kendall, M. - Tectonics of the lowermost mantle

2004 Ebinger, C. - Continental Breakup - impilcations for Planetary Tectonics

2005 Helffrich, G. - Small-scale seismic heterogeneity and mantle structure

2006 Jackson, A. - Understanding the Earth's magnetic field through observation and theory

2007 Milne, G. - Climate driven sea-level change.

2008 Murray, T. - Beneath the ice: geophysical observations at Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica.

2009 Rost, S. - Seismic constraints on Earth's small-scale structure.

2010 Dobson, D. - Tectonics of the lower mantle II: mineral physics constraints

2011 Muxworthy, A. - Magnetic Interactions: Love thy neighbour?

2012 King, M. - Towards accurate observation and modelling of Antarctic glacial isostatic adjustment

2013 Keir, D. - Magmatism and deformation during continental breakup

2014 Rychert, C. - Seismic constraints on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary