Library Committee

2024 Members
  • Dr Lee Macdonald (Chair) 
  • Dr Chris Lee
  • Dr Anna Lisa Varri

Ex-officio members

  • Dr Rebekah Higgitt (Chair of the Heritage Committee)
  • Professor Mark Lester (Senior Secretary)
  • Philip Diamond (Executive Director)
  • Dr Sian Prosser (Librarian and archivist; secretary to the committee)
Terms of Reference/Responsibilities

The Library Committee is an advisory body to Council; it is the strategic body for consideration of all library and archive matters and should provide timely recommendations and advice to Council on the required expenditure to maintain standards and make improvements to the library and services delivered to members and the public.


The Committee shall consist of the Chair (who should be a Fellow), at least one member of Council and up to 5 members who may either be Fellows with relevant experience or external experts with relevant experience, normally including a specialist in archives and library management

Term of Appointment

  • Officers/Councillors serve for the duration of their term in office; others for 3 years, with the option of a further renewal of 3 years.

Other attendance

  • The Librarian and Archivist shall attend each meeting and will act as Secretary.
  • The Chair of the Heritage Committee shall normally attend all meetings in an ex-officio capacity.
  • The Senior Secretary shall normally attend all meetings in an ex-officio capacity
  • The Executive Director shall normally attend all meetings.
  • Subject matters experts from other relevant organisations will attend by invitation.



At least two meetings per year.