International Committee

Current Members as on March 2019

Professor Kinwah Wu (Chair UCL, first term finishing 2021)

Professor Phil Charles (Immediate past chair, Southampton, finishing 2020)

•         Dr Mandy Bailey (A secretary, OU, first term)

•         Dr Paul Daniels (on Council, first term)  

•         Professor Anneila Sargent (Caltech, first term, newly appointed)

•         Professor Virginia Trimble (UC Irvine, first term, newly appointed)

•         Dr Robert Ferdman (UEA, first term, newly appointed)

•         Professor Elena Terlevich (INAOE, first term, newly appointed)

•         Professor Peter Gallagher (Dublin, first term, newly appointed)



Chair ( preferably a member of Council), representative of Membership Committee, up to 7 fellows including at least 2 based outside the UK and Executive Secretary (ex officio)

Term of Appointment

Councillors serve for the duration of their office; others for 3 years with the option of a further renewal of 3 years).

Terms of Reference/Responsibilities

Advise Council on International issues including:

1. Support of overseas based fellows

2. Relations with overseas national astronomy societies

3. Relations with international astronomy organisations

4. Capacity development in developing countries ( see and )


A minimum of 2 meetings a year ( to one of which overseas based members will be invited) with e-communication at other times as required.