Committee on Diversity in Astronomy and Geophysics (CDAG)

Committee 2019

Natasha Stephen (Chair, Plymouth)

Philip Diamond (Executive Director)

Robert Massey (Deputy Executive Director)

Sheila Kanani (Education, Outreach and Diversity Officer)

Mark Lester (RAS 'G' Secretary, Leicester)

Angela Townsend (IOP)

Ben Fernando (Oxford)

Mike Cruise (RAS President)

Luis Welbanks

Ingrid Murray


A Fellow (Chair) and ca. 4 members, plus the 'A' or 'G' Secretary

Term of Appointment

Officers/Councillors serve for the duration of their office; others for 3 years, with the option of a further renewal of 3 years)

Terms of Reference/Responsibilities

1. To support and represent the interests of under-represented groups in the RAS.

2. To ensure that diversity issues are considered within the operations and working practices of the RAS and that best practise is implemented and promulgated.

3. To advise Council on the formulation and implementation of strategies to assist in widening access to astronomy and geophysics by groups that are under-represented in these areas

4. To monitor and assist in issues of retention and career progression in astronomy and geophysics with the aim that all scientists should have equal career opportunities.

5. To improve the diversity of the membership to better reflect the community as well as wider society.

6. To liaise with groups with similar aims from other societies, such as the Institute of Physics Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


At least yearly meetings