Dr Claire Foullon


Harrison Building 
Room H261a
Streatham Campus
University of Exeter
North Park Road
University of Exeter

Years to serve
01392 725653

PhD (St Andrews), Senior Lecturer and RAS point of contact in the Maths Department at the University of Exeter, STFC Advanced Fellow (2012-2017), Member of RAS Finance Committee (2012-2015), main organizer of 2017 IAU Symposium 335 on Space Weather of the Heliosphere and 2018 STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School.

Special interests: My interests encompass solar system, geo-, astro- and space plasma physics. My research areas cover a wide spectrum of the Sun-Earth system and heliophysics, combining theory, observations and data analysis. I am International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) UK coordinator, member of ESA’s Solar System and Exploration Working Group (SSWEG) and the UK Space Agency’s Science Programme Advisory Committee (SPAC).

I am motivated to take on an active role on the RAS Council and to provide the ability to serve our inter-connected interests, to represent the views of our scientific communities to the best of my knowledge and to safeguard our commitments with our international partners.

Since I became FRAS more than a decade ago, I have appreciated in many ways the commitment of fellows, including councillors of all background, who have served and looked so well after what I consider is an essential organisation for the advancement of all members’ (professional and amateur) vocations. I have gained much insight through serving on the RAS Finance Committee or even engaging in its consultations as point of contact for my Department. I regard the RAS as an eminent and inspiring organization, which represents and provides a source of continuity and scientific community support and a distinctive interdisciplinary platform in an ever-changing political landscape. I stand to help maintain its character and standing, not only to represent the interests of members close to my fields, mainly in the solar system (UKSP and MIST) communities, but also to defend and represent the efforts from the various RAS communities that contribute to enrich our global scientific understanding of the Earth and the Universe and our outlook in engaging in public and political spheres.

My approach is thoroughly in line with the policy of the RAS for improving diversity, equality and inclusion. Since 2015, I took an active part in data gathering, analysis, reporting and contributed to the strategic development of procedures supporting equality and diversity in an Athena-SWAN Working Group for my Department. In recognition for the Athena-SWAN Silver award then achieved (2016), I received an ‘Above & Beyond Award’. Evidence of my commitment in this area can also be observed through the scientific and parallel education programs during the IAU Symposium I organized last year at the University of Exeter. Thanks to IAU and 14 cosponsors that I actively solicited, the registration fee was affordable, all activities were inclusive and nearly 50 scientists from around the world were supported to attend and present their work. Particular noteworthy was the relatively high proportion of women attendees (36.8% of 185 participants), one of the highest ever encountered at a major international meeting in our field.  Participants were also given the opportunity to engage about space weather with local young people (schools), teachers and the general public (~300 people) in an active 3-day parallel education/public outreach program. Thus, if elected, I will advocate similar principles to improve areas of concern and realize the aims of the Society. I welcome any opinion you may have and I hope you would be prepared to vote for me, so that I can be your voice on this Council.

RAS Councillor