Planetary System

Four planets and their orbital paths around a star.
Royal Astronomical Society

Title: Planetary System

Description: Four planets and the orbital paths around a star.

Maker: Jackie Eade

Techniques used: Embroidery

Inspiration: "I looked online for inspiration. It has been a long long time since I did any embroidery so it had to be simple. I looked at images of the solar system. I was told it did not have to be factual so I went for fun and had to curb my desire to fill it with sequins and beads everywhere.

I joined a few online sessions. It was inspirational. it was also daunting. There were so many people who were so good at creating great squares. Very clever people. However it was a great project. It helped to fill lonely lockdown weekends. I loved it. I want to do more now and join embroidery classes. I wish we could go on forever making more squares and then I could improve and do great work (perhaps in my dreams)."