Secrets of the Universe

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A public lecture by Professor Paul Murdin


Paul Murdin talks about the big discoveries that unlocked the hidden secrets of the universe.


This illustrated talk, based on Murdin's recent book for Thames & Hudson, invites you to participate in moments of revelation and wonder as scientists first experienced them. Starting with discoveries made at the advent of the telescope, through to discoveries made within our own solar system and on to gravitation, relativity, pulsars, and black holes. In the end, Murdin unveils where astronomy still teeters on the edge of discovery, considering dark matter and dark energy.


Paul Murdin is an astronomer who has worked in observatories and space programmes in many countries all over the world.  He makes a second career in writing about astronomy.


"Murdin has a genius for lucid explanation and attractive detail... [His] book beautifully illustrates the story of the astronomical quest." A.C. Grayling