The secret life of the Sun POSTPONED

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The secret life of the Sun
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Hidden behind its dazzling glare, our Sun lives life as a star that is constantly in turmoil. It produces the most energetic eruptions and explosions in the Solar System and is constantly changing with time.

Today, a fleet of telescopes in space and on the Earth are revealing how and why the Sun is so active.

The answer lies in the Sun's magnetic field and how it evolves due to the movement of gas at the surface and in the interior of our local star. This talk will look at the latest science of solar activity and discuss the growing research area of "space weather", which is now being monitored 24/7 due to the impact it can have on our technology.

Lucie is a Professor of Physics and a Royal Society University Research Fellow based at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL’s Department of Space and Climate Physics and studies activity in the atmosphere of our nearest star, the Sun.

During her PhD she started to become interested in discussing space science with people outside of her immediate research area. This has led her to organise local science festivals, hold open days, work with school students and adult learners and work in TV and radio.

In 2009 she was the recipient of the Royal Society’s Kohn Award for excellence in public engagement with science and in 2017 she was awarded the Institute of Physics’ Lise Meitner Medal and Prize for distinguished contributions to public outreach. She is the Chief Stargazer at the Society for Popular Astronomy, co-Chair of Astrofest, Chair of Governors at the UCL Academy and am a member of the Advisory Board for the Science Museum.

Doors open at 5.30 pm. Please be aware that there is no admittance once the lecture begins at 6 pm  as tickets will be reallocated to those queuing for no-shows. 


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