RAS Public Lecture: Colliding Galaxies

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Colliding Galaxies Dr Megan Argo (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics)(Geological Society Lecture Theatre) Have you ever wondered what happens when galaxies collide? Join us for a multi-wavelength tour of the universe as we look at what a galaxy actually is and what they are made of, take a bird's-eye view of our own Milky Way galaxy, before looking at what happens when gravity becomesirresistible, and ending with a view of our own (very!) distant future. Megan Argo is an astrophysicist currently based at the University of Manchester's Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics where she studies galaxies in the nearby universe. After completing a PhD at Jodrell Bank Observatory in 2006, she has worked as a researcher in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands, and been lucky enough to observe with some of the best radio telescopes around the world, in Europe, India, the USA and Australia. Her passion for sharing the wonders of the universe with children of all ages has taken her from northern Scotland to outback Western Australia, via rural India and cosmopolitan South Africa.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, a member of the International Astronomical Union and the Institute of Physics, an honorary member of Macclesfield Astronomical Society, on the Council of the Society for Popular Astronomy, and the Press Officer for the International Meteor Organisation. (No booking is required for this daytime lecture, however, please note that the lecture is repeated in the evening in the Royal Astronomical Society Lecture Theatre at 6 pm and booking is required.)