A conversation with the editors of The Sky is for Everyone: Women Astronomers in Their Own Words (Online only 6pm)

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Virginia Trimble and David Weintraub will discuss their book The Sky Is for Everyone, which is a collection of autobiographical essays by women from twenty different countries who broke down barriers and changed the face of modern astronomy. Before 1900, a woman who wanted to study the stars had to have a father, brother, or husband to provide entry. Well into the 20th century, the intellectual skills of women astronomers were often still not enough to enable them to pry open the doors of opportunity.  Today, women are closer to "holding up half the sky" than ever before, though probably with some territory still to be claimed. Trimble and Weintraub will describe their work in bringing together these stories and mention some of the highlights readers can look for in the book.


Virginia Trimble sitting and smiling with her arms leaning on the table.
Author and astrophysicist Virginia Trimble.
University of Valencia

VIRGINIA TRIMBLE, now Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine, is interested in the structure and evolution of stars, galaxies, and the Universe and of the communities of scientists who study them. She is the only person to have been president of two IAU Divisions (Galaxies and the Universe, and Union-Wide Activities). She is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Physical Society, a Legacy Fellow of the American Astronomical Society, an inaugural Fellow of Sigma Xi, and an Honorary Fellow of the RAS. She was awarded the J. Murray Luck Prize by the National Academy of Sciences in 1986, the Klopsteg Lectureship by the American Association of Physics Teachers in 2001, the George van Biesbroeck prize in 2010 and Patron status in 2018 by the American Astronomical Society,, the Wm. T. Olcott Distinguished Service Award by the AAVSO in 2018, the Andrew Gemant Award by the American Institute of Physics in 2019, and honorary membership in Sigma Pi Sigma. Her asteroid is 9271 Trimble.


 A headshot of Prof Weintraub
Prof David Weintraub
Prof Weintraub

 DAVID WEINTRAUB is a Professor of Astronomy, of History, and of the Communication of Science and Technology at Vanderbilt University where he founded and directs the Communication of Science and Technology program and does research on the formation of stars and planets. He was awarded the Klopsteg Lectureship by the American Association of Physics Teachers in 2015.  His previous books include Life on Mars: What to Know Before We Go (2018), Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal With It? (2014), How Old is the Universe? (2010), and Is Pluto a Planet? (2006). He also created and edits the Who Me? series of scientific biographies for middle-school readers, including Who Me? I’m a Bioarchaeologist Now!Who Me? I’m an Astronomer Now!, and Who Me? I’m a Biomedical Informatics Expert Now!

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Three female astronomers and the cover of the book, "The Sky is for Everyone"
Three trailblazing women astronomers: Profs. Carole Mundell, Hiranya Peiris, and Cathie Clarke who mentioned in the book by Profs. Virginia Trimble and David Weintraub called, "The Sky is for Everyone: Women Astronomers in Their Own Words".
Credit: Carole Mundell, Hiranya Peiris and Cathie Clarke.
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