Lockdown Learning: online rocket building workshop

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Join Dr Sheila Kanani and Dr Simon Foster in a hands on rocket building workshop where you and your family will get to learn all you need to become a budding rocket scientist. 

We will show you how to build your own water rocket, capable of being launched into the air and along the way we’ll learn about Newton’s laws, aerodynamics, astronautics and learn about the history of human spaceflight.

Dr Simon Foster is a Solar Physicist and rocket scientist in the Department of Physics at Imperial College London. He studied Physics with Space Science at university and has worked as a teacher, scientist and environmental consultant and is currently the engagement lead for the Imperial Space Lab.

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Shopping list:

- 2 x 2 litre pop bottles. You will need 2 bottles for each rocket you wish to build. It might also be useful to get a couple of spares! 

- Plastic bin bags on a roll, needed for the parachute.

- Eggs. These will be the astronauts. You will need 1 egg per team/rocket, but you might want to get some egg-stras!

- Craft materials, i.e. paper/card/pens/pencils to decorate their rockets.

- Card will be needed for the rocket fins.

- String for the parachutes

- Sellotape/duct tape. You will need a small amount of sellotape.

- Scissors. You’ll need a pair of scissors

- Safety materials. If possible you will need some materials to wrap the egg in, such as bubble wrap, tissue paper (you could use cheap toilet roll!) or packing peanuts which hopefully you will have from recent deliveries!

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