Astronomy through the Herschels: William the telescope and discovery maker

A painting of William Herschel with a nebula in the background
NASA and Public Domain.
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This is a free and open to the public workshop in cooperation with the Association of Discovery Centres, the Science and Technology Facilities Council and our Community Partner Slough Museum. 


To register for one of the sessions at 10am, 1pm or 3pm. click here. 


May 11th at Slough Museum

William the telescope and discovery maker

Have you ever wondered about how we see objects that are far away, like planets and galaxies? In this workshop you will learn about telelscopes and some discoveries William Herschel made including discovering a new planet and infrared light. You’ll get to see, touch and look through a telescope and safely view the Sun and maybe even the Moon!


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Alex Simpson and Jacob Dyer, Unsplash, NASA, ESA, Hubble and Public domain