Astronomy through the Herschels: John the polymath influencer

John Herschel with a nebula behind him.
NASA and US Public Domain
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This is a free and open to the public workshop in cooperation with the Association of Discovery Centres, the Science and Technology Facilities Council and our Community Partner Slough Museum. 


To register for one of the sessions at 10am, 1pm or 3pm. click here. 


May 25th at Slough Museum

John the polymath and influencer

John was a bit of an influencer himself and if he was around today we’re pretty sure he would have at least one million followers. You get to meet John Herschel who will share his many scientific pursuits and we’ll try out one of his inventions, cyanotypes. We’ll learn about ultraviolet light, our Sun and do a bit of chemistry. It’s related to astronomy and life on this planet, you and me, and the birth of the Royal Astronomical Society! 


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Alex Simpson and Jacob Dyer, Unsplash, NASA, ESA, Hubble and Public domain