UKSEDI: Study of the Earth's Deep Interior

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A Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by: Richard Holme (Liverpool) r.t.holme<at> , Kathy Whaler (Edinburgh) kathy.whaler<at> and James Wookey (Bristol) j.wookey<at>


Summary: SEDI is the Study of the Earth’s Deep Interior (the mantle and core), with links into comparative planetology. The SEDI community includes people within all areas of deep Earth study, particularly seismology, geochemistry, geodynamics, mineral physics and geomagnetism, and its science is strongly characterised by its interdisciplinary links. Internationally, it includes a focus group organising sessions at the AGU meeting, and a committee of IUGG that organises an international meeting every two years.

We seek contributions from all interested in study of the deep Earth and planets. A particular aim is to search for possible collaborations that will lead to a strong UK participation at the next international SEDI meeting, to take place in Leeds in 2012. It will also be timely to consider the recently announced NERC initiative “Deep Earth control on the habitable planet” in the Earth System Strategic Research Theme.

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