UK Solar System Atmospheres Community Meeting

UK Solar System Atmospheres Community Meeting
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Organisers: Leigh Fletcher (Leicester); N. Teanby (Bristol); C. Wilson (Oxford); P. Irwin (Oxford); M Patel (Open) ; S. Lewis (Open)

Atmospheric science is a key component of the UK’s planetary science portfolio, enabling global leadership roles in space instrumentation, multi-spectral data analysis (both space- and ground-based), and numerical simulation.  In recent decades, this has provided unique atmospheric science results from astronomical observatories and visiting spacecraft (e.g., Venus Express, Mars Express, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, Galileo, Cassini, and Juno).  A vibrant community of planetary atmospheres researchers exists in a number of UK institutions, bridging the gap between Earth observation science and exoplanetary astronomy.  This RAS Discussion Meeting will bring together the UK Planetary Atmospheres community to foster future collaborations, permit exchange of knowledge, and to provide timely updates on the cutting edge research in this field.  For submission of oral and poster contributions, please see our website ( for further details.

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The Royal Astronomical Society,Burlington House


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