Timing and Spectroscopy in the New Era of X-ray Astronomy

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A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Poshak Gandhi (Southampton);
Nathalie Degenaar (Cambridge); Chris Done (Durham); Mike Watson (Leicester)*Contact: p.gandhi@soton.ac.uk With the successful launch of ISRO's ASTROSAT in 2015, and a few transformative results that emerged from JAXA's Hitomi (ASTRO-H) mission in 2016, a new window has been opened into high sensitivity fast timing and high X-ray spectral resolution. Together with upcoming all-sky survey missions expected very soon, X-ray astronomy is entering a new era of parameter space exploration.
Our proposed meeting aims to provide a forum for exploring the key science themes of these missions, and to identify missing areas of expertise required for best exploiting the large new parameter space. Our focus will be on identifying collaborative international efforts, and on gauging community interest in strengthening UK X-ray astronomy space strategy. There will be discussion time, invited talks and poster presentations. Participation by UK astronomers of any stage interested in X-ray astrophysics is welcome. https://sites.google.com/site/ukxrayastro/