Synergies between intensity mapping and optical galaxy surveys

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A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Robert Crittenden (Portsmouth);
Alkistis Pourtsidou (Portsmouth); Clive Dickinson (Manchester)Venue: The Geological Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House*Contact: note the meeting is a week earlier than usual due to Good Friday bank holiday, and has earlier start and finish times. In the next few years, optical galaxy surveys like the DES, Euclid, and LSST, are promising to deliver cosmological measurements of unprecedented statistical precision. At the same time, the novel and very promising intensity mapping technique is going to be tested with instruments like BINGO and CHIME, as well as with the SKA and its pathfinders (MeerKAT). Combining the two methods (and CMB observations) can alleviate important problems like systematics and foreground contamination, and achieve powerful cosmological constraints. The meeting will discuss the possible synergies and describe how they can be used to investigate the causes of cosmic acceleration via dark energy and gravity tests. 
09:30 Registration and coffee 10:00 Alkistis Pourtsidou (University of Portsmouth)
Near term intensity mapping and optical galaxy surveys: overview and prospects for
synergies 10:25 Reza Ansari (Universite Paris-Sud)
Exploring intensity mapping with Tianlai and PAON-4 pathfinder instruments 10:50 Stuart Harper (University of Manchester)
Intensity Mapping with Future Radio Surveys 11:15 Laura Wolz (University of Melbourne)
Testing galaxy evolution with intensity mapping cross-correlations 11:40 Discussion 12.00 Lunch 13:00 Will Percival (University of Portsmouth)Current and Future Spectroscopic Galaxy Surveys 13:25 David Alonso (University of Oxford)
Synergies between intensity mapping and future photometric surveys 13:50 Tessa Baker (University of Oxford)
Sensible Strategies for Testing Gravity 14:15 Alex Hall (University of Edinburgh)
Redshift-space distortions from the 21cm cross-correlation dipole 14:40 Discussion