Supernovae Near and Far

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 An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Dr Mikako Matsuura (UCL)*, Dr Filipe Abdalla (UCL), Professor Stephen Smartt (QUB) and Dr Mark Sullivan (Southampton)
* Contact: With the advent of optical wide-field time-domain surveys and multi-wavelength studies, studies of supernovae and explosive transients have become increasingly prominent over the last decade. They are key to our understanding of many astrophysical processes, and remain a very important cosmological tool. Supernovae are a driver of feedback and the chemical evolution of galaxies, producing large quantities of heavy elements, and are also regarded as large potential dust factories within galaxies.  In the distant Universe, ultra-bright 'superluminous' supernovae can be used as a tool to study the ISM of their host galaxies, and give us a direct observation of its properties. The thermonuclear type Ia events are critical in measuring the acceleration of the Universe, being one of the key measurements probing different models of Dark Energy.This specialist meeting focuses on recent progress of studies of supernovae, supernova remnants and supernova surveys, and will discuss the future directions of the field. and coffee will be available from 09:30 and again after the meeting at 15:30.