Statistical challenges in particle astrophysics and cosmology

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Statistical challenges in particle astrophysics and cosmology
(Society of Antiquaries Lecture Theatre, Burlington House)

The meeting will bring together theoreticians, observers, instrument designers and statistics experts to reflect on outstanding challenges in data reduction, statistical analysis and model inference that future cosmological and astroparticle observations will have to face.
Dr. Roberto Trotta & Prof. Joe Silk (Oxford; rxt @, silk @

pdf_small Programme (99.23 KB)

Talks from this meeting are now available for download, as pdfs, by arrangement with Dr Trotta:
Alex Szalay (Johns Hopkins):
pdf_small Statistical Challenges in Quantifying Large Scale Structure (2.72 MB)
Andrew Liddle (Sussex): 
pdf_small Bayesian Cosmology (1.66 MB)
Leszek Roszkowski (Sheffield):
pdf_small  Dark Particles (8.20 MB)
Sarah Bridle (UCL): 
pdf_small Galaxy Shape Estimation (1.88 MB)
Licia Verde (Barcelona):
pdf_small  Challenges of the Accelerating Universe (7.77 MB)
Mike Hobson (Cambridge):
pdf_small Multimodal Nested Sampling (1.24 MB)