Space weather: a dialogue between scientists and forecasters

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An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Dr Deborah Baker (MSSL/UCL)*, Dr Lucie Green (MSSL/UCL), Dr Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi (MSSL/UCL) and Professor Steve Milan (Leicester)
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The Sun is currently at the peak of its activity cycle - a time when space weather events become more frequent giving the opportunity to study how a range of solar phenomena ultimately leads to magnetospheric, ionospheric and ground level disturbances. The inclusion of space weather in the National Risk Assessment in 2012 means that there is now an urgent need for dialogue between those doing the science of space weather and those using the data to mitigate the risks.

The goal of this session is to discuss the current status of observations and recent new advances in the theories and models of the solar corona and the formation of the solar wind and solar eruptions, and to link these research areas with those of geomagnetic activity and sub-storms, including how various data sets are coupled with modelling to improve forecast capability.

Tea and coffee will be available from 10:00 and again after the meeting at 15:30.