Solid-Liquid Interactions in Deep Planetary Interiors

Deep Planetary Interiors
Prof. Sebastian Rost (University of Leeds)
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Interactions between solids and liquids deep in the interior of terrestrial planets shape their evolution and dynamics, defining the crystallisation sequence of primordial magma oceans, the exchanges of mass and energy between the core and mantle, and the power supply that sustains global magnetic fields.

Recent work has suggested that deep solid-liquid regions may be widespread, arising at the top and bottom of Earth’s core and in the cores of Mars, Mercury, the Moon and Ganymede, and has also identified the importance of non-equilibrium thermodynamic processes that are often ignored in models of core-mantle evolution.

This specialist discussion will consider observational, experimental, theoretical and computational investigations of deep planetary interiors, with a focus on the causes and consequences of solid-liquid interactions. Submissions for contributed talks (abstract required) or posters (title only required) on any related topic are welcomed, including (but not limited to) seismology, geodynamics, mineral physics, geochemistry and geo/paleomagnetism.


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