Solar Flares: new insights from the lower atmosphere

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An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Mykola Gordovskyy(Manchester), James McLaughlin (Northumbria), Sarah Matthews(MSSL/UCL), Sergei Zharkov (Hull)Contact:
The structure of flaring atmospheres is determined by the magnetic fields and flows in the chromosphere and photosphere below. Solar flares, in turn, strongly affect the lower atmosphere, resulting in a wide range of flare-related effects with very complex dynamics. Interpreting these effects is essential for understanding magnetic energy build-up and release, as well as the topology and evolution of the coronal magnetic fields in solar flares. The aim of the meeting is to discuss flare-related phenomena in the lower atmosphere in the context of recent observations by Hinode, IRIS, SDO and SST, and future opportunities offered by DKIST. In particular, we will discuss:
- the photospheric magnetic field and its fine structure in flaring active regions,
- various types of helioseismic response in flares, and
- the small-scale structure and oscillations of the chromosphere during solar flares. 1000-1020 Registration and Tea/Coffee
1020-1050 Lucia Kleint"The Dynamics and Magnetism of Solar Flares"
1050-1110 Mihalis Mathioudakis"Stellar flare continuum variations from high-speed ULTRACAM photometry"
1110-1130 Sergiy Shelyag"Simulated photospheric magnetic fields"
1130-1150 Paulo Simoes"New solar flare observations in the mid-infrared range: filling the wavelength gap between DKIST and ALMA"
1150-1210 Craig Johnston"A Novel Approach to Chromospheric Evaporation and Coronal Heating"
1210-1230 Malcolm Druett"Simulations of Balmer and Paschen Emission in Flare Onset using Radiative-Hydrodynamic Simulations and comparison to Recent Observations"
1230-1315 Lunch 1315-1345 Juan Carlos Martinez-Oliveros"On The Energetics of Seismic Excitation Mechanisms"
1345-1405 Hugh Hudson"The Height of Flare Energy Release"
1405-1425 Valentina Zharkova"Transport Effects in Flaring Atmospheres Heated by Mixed Particle Beams and generation of sunquakes"
1425-1445 Jamie Ryan"Lower Atmospheric Signatures Associated with a Seismically Active Solar Flare"
1445-1505 Connor Macrae"Detection of seismic responses and acoustic emission statistics"
1505-1530 Discussion 1530 End & Tea/Coffee