Ordinary Meeting - April 2021

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Thomas Collett
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RAS Winton ‘A’ prize -  Tom Collett (Portsmouth) 

Measuring the curvature of space time'

General relativity predicts that massive objects curve space time. I will review the historical measurements of space time curvature within our solar system that confirmed this key prediction of GR. I will then present a novel constraint of how space time curves around a nearby massive galaxy by using the combination of strong gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics.


Please join us to celebrate the achievements of our early career poster exhibition winners from last year, where we hear each of them present their work to the RAS community. Their names and talk titles are below:

Heidi Thiemann (Open University): Red novae candidates: An investigation of long-period near-contact giant binaries

Nuria Jordana (University of Bath): What is the role of the magnetic fields in Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) outflows? The case of GRB 190114C

Isobel Romero-Shaw (Monash University)- Eccentricity in Gravitational-Wave Transients

Soheb Mandhai (University of Leicester)- Extragalactic Wanderers: Migration Of Compact Binaries From Their Host Galaxies

Shannon Jones (University of Reading) The visual complexity of coronal mass ejections


Book you Free April RAS Ordinary Meeting Ticket