The new window on Transients and Variable Star astronomy with the Rubin Observatory

 impression of a supernova
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Registration is required for this event. It is free for RAS Fellows, and £5.00 for non Fellows. 

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Organisers: Dr Sarah Casewell, (Leicester) Cosimo Inserra (Cardiff)

The Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) at the Vera Rubin Observatory will revolutionise our understanding of transients and variable stars, providing the golden opportunity for unbiased population studies and discoveries of yet unknown astronomical transients. This RAS specialist discussion meeting will promote the LSST survey to UK astronomers working in these fields, and will also explore the potential of LSST data for these astronomers, laying the ground for a 10-years stream of data.

​The LSST dataset provides important synergies with existing and future surveys such as the transiting planet surveys TESS and NGTS now, the star surveyor Gaia, the gravitational waves experiments LIGO/KAGRA/VIRGO and their electromagnetic counterparts hunters GOTO. The UK has involvement in PLATO, Gaia and EUCLID and the proposed missions THESEUS and SPICA which will further increase the legacy values of multiwavelength and multi-instrument studies. Exploring and defining the LSST-TVS stream of transients is one of the largest and most exciting challenges facing astronomers. Thanks to this meeting we can produce cornerstone work that will influence the era of such a giant survey.

Hashtag. #LSSTTVSUK  

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