Modern data analysis in solar physics: progress in the automated an alysis of solar features and their dynamics

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An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Richard Morton
(Northumbria), Erwin Verwichte (Warwick)*Contact: Richard Morton In recent years a number of satellites and telescopes have becomeoperational that provide near continuous, high-resolution and high- cadence observations of the Sun. This has resulted in a wealth of datathat cannot be analysed by hand alone. To make full use of the         information it is essential that automated techniques are developed to    aid identification and tracking of the various phenomenon of interest.     This meeting will bring together those interested in the use and  development of automated routines for astrophysical data analysis, with focus on the analysis of dynamics in solar atmospheric datasets.  It will enable a discussion on currently available techniques and routines  and those under development. Additionally the meeting aims to highlight          the future directions required to aid the analysis of large data sets.