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 Advances in Mars Research

The 3rd UK in Aurora Meeting

A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by:

Dr John Bridges (University of Leicester); Professor Sanjeev Gupta (Imperial College London); Dr Peter Grindrod (UCL) and Dr Susanne Schwenzer (Open University)

Abstract: Research from landers, orbiter data and meteorites over the last 10 years has greatly improved our understanding of Mars.  This meeting is an opportunity for a range of Mars and other planetary research to be presented and discussed.  Topics will include MER Gusev results, Mars meteorites and hydrothermal processes, geomorphology, sedimentology, instrumentation and new planetary missions.

After launch in November 2011 and landing in August 2012, the Curiosity Rover of the Mars Science Laboratory Mission has gathered data about its surroundings in Gale Crater.  One of the most ambitious missions ever attempted, its suite of instruments will allow an unprecedented amount of varied and detailed data to be returned about past conditions on Mars and how they are manifested on the planet’s current surface.  An update on the MSL mission will be presented.

Speakers Include:
Dr Paul Mahaffy (NASA Goddard): SAM PI Mars Science Laboratory; MAVEN
Dr Jorge Vago (ESTEC):  (ExoMars Project Manager, ESA)
Mrs Sue Horne (UKSA) (Aurora Programme Manager)
Dr Justin Filiberto (Southern Illinois University) MER analyses at Gusev Crater

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