Kinetic Processes and Radiophysics of the Sun

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A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by:


Professor Valery Nakariakov (University of Warwick); Dr David Tsiklauri (QMUL) and Dr Mykola Gordovskyy (University of Manchester) 



Observations in the radio and X-ray bands allow us to get unique information about the plasma physics processes associated with the solar activity. We organise a meeting that will address the important and timely topics of solar plasma physics and radiophysics, and provide a joint forum for the specialists in relevant theoretical and data analysis approaches, specifically addressing LOFAR and ALMA projects and linking them to SDO and RHESSI missions.


The radio band is a major observational window for the study of the Sun. Along with EUV and X-ray data, radio observations can provide unique information about the phenomena associated with the solar activity, such as solar flares, CMEs and various processes in active regions and sunspots. This information is crucial for revealing the physical mechanisms for particle acceleration, generation of micro-turbulence and the associated anomalous values of transport coefficients, and hence the effect of microphysical processes on observable macro-physical processes.


Understanding of the delicate interplay between kinetic scales (observed in radio and X-ray bands) and magnetohydrodynamic scales (observed in EUV) is considered to be the key element of answering the enigmatic questions of solar physics: heating of the solar coronal plasma, acceleration of the fast solar wind and the mechanisms for the powerful energy releases in solar flares and CMEs