High Time Resolution Optical Astrophysics

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A Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by:


Professor Vik Dhillon (University of Sheffield) vik.dhillon_at_sheffield.ac.uk and Professor Tom Marsh (University of Warwick) t.r.marsh_at_warwick.ac.uk


Abstract: The aim of this meeting, which approximately coincides with the 10th anniversary of first light with the UK-built high-speed CCD camera ULTRACAM, would be to assess the current state of the field in high time-resolution astrophysics in the optical part of the spectrum. The first part of the day would be spent reviewing  what we have learned about compact objects of all classes over the past ten years with instruments like ULTRACAM. Topics covered would include black holes, neutron stars, white dwarfs and brown dwarfs, both isolated and in binaries and, in the latter case, both accreting and non-accreting.

The second part of the day would be spent discussing future scientific and instrumentation developments in this area over the next decade.


For further information, please see the website at:


Website: http://www.vikdhillon.staff.shef.ac.uk/ras/