Geomagnetic field dynamics and structure on timescales from minutes to decades

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 An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Professor Kathy Whaler (Edinburgh)*, Dr Mervyn Freeman (BAS) and Professor Nils Olsen (DTU Space, Copenhagen)
* Contact: Over the last few decades, new observation platforms, especially satellites, and combinations of measurement types have greatly advanced our understanding of the magnetic field. However, they have also highlighted how complicated it is to unravel its various contributions on decadal and shorter timescales. We solicit presentations concerned with integrating space- and ground-based observations, space weather influences, separating external and internal field variations, and novel methods for analysing the spatial and temporal variability of the field, as well as those using the results to probe the processes responsible and implications for the dynamics of the source regions.


10:00  Registration & Coffee

MORNING Session (10:30-12:30) - Chair: Dr Mervyn Freeman (BAS)


10:30   Rune Floberghagen/Gernot Plank (ESA)

            Swarm mission update (Invited) 

11:30   Malcolm Dunlop (RAL): Ring current morphology and the influence

of FACs

            An opportunity for Swarm-Cluster operations (Invited) 

12:00   Rob Shore (BAS), M Freeman, J Wild, G Dorrian and J   Gjerloev

Signal separation of external magnetic field contributions via eigenanalysis of ground-based magnetic data 
12:30   Lunch

Please note that we are not able to offer sandwiches for purchase at Burlington House, however, there are many good sandwich shops nearby. AFTERNOON SESSION (13:50 -15:30) - Chair: Professor Kathy Whaler (Edinburgh)

13:30   Anasuya Aruliah (UCL)

            The consequences of the geomagnetic field for the thermosphere (Invited) 

14:00   Erwan Thébault (IPGP)

The effects of crustal and external magnetic field leakage and their impact on recovering the Earth's main internal field variations on short time and spatial scales (Invited)


14:30   J.A. Wild, G. Dorrian (University of Lancaster), M.P. Freeman, J.W. Gjerloev & R.M ShoreAssessing Variability in the Earth’s External and Induced Magnetic Field Using Ground-Based Magnetic Field Measurements 

14:50   Nils Olsen (University of Edinburgh), K Whaler and C Finlay

            The spatio-temporal distribution of magnetic satellite data errors 

15:10   Discussion, including ways in which the UK can participate in the Swarm mission and other relevant ESA activities


15:30  Tea will be available in the Lower Library of the Geological Society for those attending the Open (Monthly A&G) Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society