The Gaia DR2 Astronomy Revolution

Spec Disc Meeting Oct 2018
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A Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Martin Barstow (Leicester); Anne Buckner (Leeds); Gerry Gilmore, Floor van Leeuwen, Nic Walton (University of Cambridge) 


With the second data release (DR2), on 25 April 2018, the Gaia mission is re-defining the possibilities of observational astronomy, making available to the astronomical community an unprecedented large volume of high quality measurements, significantly strengthening and extending the observational data on which all of astrophysics ultimately depends. Gaia is now providing accurate direct distance measurements ten times further away than its predecessor Hipparcos, and is doing so in an all-sky survey for 10000 times more stars and other sources.  This is supplemented by high-accuracy all-sky photometric measurements and radial velocity data for a still very large volume of the brighter stars. Therefore, this Gaia data release will affect every corner of astrophysics, from solar system observations to stellar evolution, galactic structure and evolution, and cosmology to fundamental physics. This meeting will cover recent results from Gaia in these diverse topics. Since EWASS/NAM 2018 was held before the DR2 release, this is the first opportunity to present the DR2 dataset and the emerging science at an RAS meeting.

Please see here for the full programme.

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Admission to Specialist Discussion Meetings is free for RAS Fellows, £15 for non-fellows (£5 for students), cash or cheque only, collected at the registration desk.  Admission to the subsequent Open (Monthly A&G) Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society is open to all, at no charge

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The Geological Society,Burlington House,LONDON


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