Future opportunities for whole atmosphere science using UK ground-b ased radars

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A specialist discussion meeting organised by:

Mark Lester (Leicester) & Mervyn Freeman (BAS)

The UK has a long tradition of research using atmospheric radars to study the layers of the atmosphere.  This work has typically focused on separate layers as different radars receive scatter from different physical phenomena occurring in different layers.  Nevertheless, it has become apparent from developments lead by radar research as well as global modelling of the atmosphere that it is necessary to consider the atmosphere as a whole, from the troposphere to the magnetosphere, in order to understand the dynamics and behaviour of the system.  This G Discussion meeting will focus current research with the diverse radar facilities available to the UK atmospheric community as well as to investigate ways in which we can develop this work for whole atmosphere science.  Invited speakers will talk about new developments in UK radar facilities as well as current research and we welcome submissions on all areas of radar research. 

The programme for this meeting can be found here .