The Extremely Large Telescope: UK Community Day

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A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by  *Aprajita Verma (Oxford)
Chris Evans; Sandi Wilson; Isobel Hook
* With a primary mirror of 39 m in diameter, ESO's Extremely Large Telescope will be the world's largest telescope in the visible to infrared wavelength range. The ELT will open a new regime in sensitivity and resolution revealing unparalleled insights into our Universe and has strong synergies with other existing and forthcoming complementary facilities including JWST, ALMA, LSST, SKA, EUCLID, Athena among others. As construction of the ELT is well underway with first light foreseen for 2024, the UK ELT Community Day brings together the community with instrument and project experts to review the status of the ELT and its instrument suite, in which UK scientists have prominent roles. This SD meeting will provide an overview of the capabilities of the ELT and key science cases to encourage preparation of early science programmes and to stimulate precursor studies. There will be opportunity for discussion and Q&A with the ELT Project Scientist and instrument experts.