Dust, Haze and Clouds in Exoplanet Atmospheres

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A RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by:

Dr Frederic Pont f.pont_at_exeter.ac.uk and Professor Isabelle Baraffe (University of Exeter) i.baraffe_at_exeter.ac.uk

Clouds and condensates may play a key role in the atmosphere of hot exoplanets (700-2500 K), as they do in brown dwarfs at these temperatures. Observations of transiting hot Jupiters and directly imaged young planets require an effort to include clouds and condensates in models of atmospheric structure, circulation and evolution for these planets.
This RAS Specialist Discussion meeting will focus on ways to address the effect of clouds and condensates on hot gas giant planet atmospheres, with a special focus on the link with observable diagnostics. Another objective will be to study how to develop methods and models that will be applicable to cooler planets, and ultimately to the characterisation of habitable exoplanets.

The meeting programme is here.

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