A centenary of astrophysical jet studies: a review of the physics driving the observed jet structure

RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting December 2018 - Geol Soc
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A Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by *Emmanuel Bempong-Manful (Bristol); Martin Hardcastle (Herts); Mark Birkinshaw (Bristol)


Since the first direct observation of astrophysical jets by Heber D. Curtis in 1918, scientific inquiry into this remarkable cosmic phenomenon has, over the past century, become a subject of great interest to researchers, and remains at the forefront of astrophysical research. However, in spite of the progress made from theory, simulations, and observations; an in-depth understanding of the physics driving the observed jet structures from compact celestial sources is very much work in progress. This specialist discussion meeting will bring together multiwavelength observers and theorists to review the progress made over the past century in our attempts to understand the physics of observed jet structures.


10.30-10.35                      Welcome

10.35-10.55            Robert Laing (SKAO)                          

                              Fifty years of radio jets: images, models and physics

10.55-11.15            Diana Worrall (Bristol)             

                              High-energy emission of AGN jets

11.15-11.35            Judith Croston (Open Univ.)              

                              Radio-galaxy morphology, particle content and the environmental connection

11.35-11.55            Gavin Lamb (Leicester)            

Gamma-ray burst jet structure unveiled by gravitational-wave electromagnetic counterparts

11.55-12.15            Paolo Padovani (ESO)                       

                              Neutrinos from a blazar jet and the birth of non-stellar neutrino astronomy

12.15-12.40                      Discussion

12.40-13.40                      Lunch                   

13.40-14.00            Monika Moscibrodzka (Radboud)       

                              Imaging black hole jets on event horizon scales

14.00-14.20            Rob Fender (Oxford)                          

                              Jets from stellar-mass black holes: the same as AGN?

14.20-14.40            Clive Tadhunter (Sheffield)                

                               The importance of long-term variability in understanding radio source populations

14.40-15.00            Martin Hardcastle (Hertfordshire)      

                              Jet populations in radio surveys

15.00-15.30                      Summary & Discussion

Admission to Specialist Discussion Meetings is free for RAS Fellows, £15 for non-fellows (£5 for students), cash or cheque only, collected at the registration desk.  Admission to the subsequent Open (Monthly A&G) Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society is open to all, at no charge.


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The Geological Society,Burlington House,LONDON

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