Celebrating Ten Years of Cassini-Huygens in the Saturnian System

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An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Chris Arridge (UCL)*, Emma Bunce (Leicester), Leigh Fletcher (Oxford), Adam Masters (JAXA, Japan/ Imperial College), Carl Murray (QMUL), John Zarnecki (OU)*Contact: c.arridge AT ucl.ac.uk   The Cassini-Huygens mission was launched in October 1997 and entered orbit around Saturn in July 2004. This year celebrates 10 years of science in the saturnian system with Cassini-Huygens, providing an unprecedented view of seasonally-evolving processes in a giant planet system. This specialist discussion meeting will review some of Cassini- Huygens' key findings including: the plumes of Enceladus; the structure and composition of the surface and atmosphere of Titan; the seasonally-evolving atmosphere of Saturn with its spectacular springtime storms, polar cyclones and bizarre hexagonal wave; the unusual ring structures with evidence of impacts; the puzzling nature of Saturn's planetary period magnetosphere oscillations and dynamic aurora; and looking ahead to exciting new opportunities during the proximal orbits of the mission. 10:00 Registration & Coffee10:30 David Southwood (Imperial College)
The Cassini-Huygens mission10:45 Linda Spilker (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
Surprises in the Saturn System: 10 years of Cassini Discoveries11:15 Carl Murray (QMUL)
Cassini Observations of Saturn's Rings11:30 Peter Read (University of Oxford)
Hexagons, hurricanes and jet streams: the turbulent atmosphere of Saturn12.00 Lunch13:15 Michele Dougherty (Imperial College)
Enceladus and the discovery of the Enceladus plume13:45 Geraint Jones (MSSL, UCL)
The Plumes of Enceladus as observed by CAPS14:00 Caitriona Jackman (University of Southampton)
An overview of the local and global properties of tail reconnection14:15 Gabby Provan (University of Leicester)
Saturn's planetary period oscillations observed during 10 years of Cassini14:30 Athena Coustenis (LESIA, Obs. de Paris, Meudon)
Active moons around Saturn as revealed by Cassini-Huygens15:00 Nick Teanby (University of Bristol)
Titan's dynamic atmosphere15:10 Andrew Coates (MSSL, UCL)
10 years of surprises from Saturn: CAPS results on magnetosphere, moons and rings15:30 Tea will be available in the Lower Library of the Geological Society for those attending the Open (Monthly A&G) Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society