Capital Cosmos: London's eye on the heavens

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A Public Lecture by Prof.Steve Miller.


It was a revolution. It was London’s very own scientific revolution, and it took place in a building just off Piccadilly. In 1919 scientists gathered in Burlington House to hear how  a recent expedition would help overturn centuries of scientific orthodoxy, supplanting Newton’s long-established ideas with Einstein’s radical new theory of General Relativity.


Steve Miller will take us through this and other stories of how past and present-day scientists in the capital have challenged  and continue to shape our ideas about the nature of the Universe. He will describe the extraordinary discoveries and contributions of the men and women who work on everything from the search for life elsewhere to space exploration and the nature of the enigmatic ‘dark energy’ thought to pervade our cosmos. Find out how London astronomers lead the world in asking the deepest questions about the Universe we live in and how they contribute to life in our city.


Steve Miller FRAS is the Professor in Science Communication and Planetary Science at University College London


Admission: Free - by ticket only - These can be obtained from Leila Taleb, Geological Society 020 7432 0981 or email