Bridging the Gap: Comets after Stardust and Before Rosetta.

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 An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Dr Mark Price (Kent), Dr Stephen Lowry (Kent), Professor Mark Burchell (Kent), Dr Penelope Wozniakiewicz (NHM), and Dr Kathryn McDermott (Kent)* *Contact: Studies of comets have been dramatically changed by space missions to several comets. In the last decade the NASA Stardust spacecraft returned samples from comet 81P/Wild 2 and flew past comet Tempel 1 which had also been visited by the NASA Deep Impact Mission. This year the European Space Agency spacecraft Rosetta will rendezvous with comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko and will then place a lander on its surface – the first soft landing on a comet. In addition, ground based astronomers and the general public will have been able to see comet 2012 S1 (ISON) loom large in the night sky during the end of 2013 and early 2014. This discussion meeting aims to bring together all those interested in cometary science; bridging the gap between those working on different space missions, as well as between those working on missions, modellers and observational astronomers. Talks are expected to include latest results from 81P/Wild 2, the status of, and expectations for, Rosetta as well as on news of comet ISON. MORNING SESSION (10:30-12:30) – CHAIR KATHRYN MCDERMOTT (UNIVERSITY OF KENT) 10:30 Stephen Lowry (University of Kent)
Welcome 10:40 Matt Taylor (ESA)
Rosetta 2014 11:10 Colin Pillinger (Open University)
Maximising the science outreach potential of the Philae lander for the Rosetta mission 11:30 Simon Green (Open University)
Dust grain fragmentation in comets 11:50 Ian Franchi (Open University)
Oxygen isotope reservoirs in the comet forming region 12:10 Penny Wozniakiewicz (NHM)
Searching for cometary micrometeorites in the mid-Pacific 12:30 Geraint Jones (MSSL)
Comet ISON: An Encounter with the Sun 12:50 General Discussion 13:00 Lunch AFTERNOON SESSION (14:00 -15:30) - CHAIR PENELOPE WOZNIAKIWICZ (NHM) 14:00 John Bridges (University of Leicester)
The mineralogy of Jupiter family comet Wild-2 14:15 Mark Burchell (University of Kent)
Raman spectroscopy of olivines captured in aerogel 14:30 Kathryn McDermott (University of Kent)
Raman spectroscopy of fine-grained olivine aggregates in small impact craters in aluminium 14:45 Mark Price (University of Kent)
Raman analyses of thirty-six stardust cometary grains from tracks 170, 176, 177, 178: comparison of organic signatures with a CR3 chondrite 15:00 Ian Lyon (University of Manchester)
Micron-scale organic analysis of cometary samples 15:15 Anton Kearsley (NHM)
Do impacts on metal and tracks in aerogel tell us the same story about comet Wild 2 dust? Tea and coffee will be available from 10:00 and again after the meeting at 15:30.