BGA Meeting: Earthquakes - from Mechanics to Mitigation (Day 1)

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BGA New Advances in Geophysics MeetingOrganised by Professor Barry Parsons (Oxford)*, Professor James Jackson (Cambridge), Dr Roger Musson (BGS) and Professor Tiziana Rossetto (UCL) Over the past 50 years, we have learnt an increasing amount about how earthquakes work, yet the damaging impact of large earthquakes continues to grow. The discussion meeting will explore different strands of the issues concerned with increasing reliable knowledge of how earthquakes work and translating that knowledge into effective mitigation strategies:
  • what do we know about the basic mechanics of earthquakes;
  • how knowledge of the earthquake cycle informs hazard assessment;
  • quantifying the hazard;
  • the impacts of earthquakes on buildings, people and societies;
  • mitigation strategies in different parts of the world.
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