3D structure of the flare chromosphere

NASA SDO/Lyndsay Fletcher
NASA SDO/Lyndsay Fletcher
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Flare activity in the chromosphere produces spectacular effects all across the electromagnetic spectrum, and we can now study these with unprecedented capabilities. Interpreting these signatures is essential to our understanding of the physics of solar flares and vital diagnostics for the processes of energy deposition and dissipation. Despite tremendous observational and numerical modelling efforts over the past few decades, many aspects of flare chromosphere remain the central subject of ongoing solar research. The aim of the RAS specialist meeting is to bring together word-leading experts in this field and discuss about different aspects of flare physics in the lower solar atmosphere. In particular we will discuss:

  • Fine-scale 3D (horizontal and vertical) structure of the flare chromosphere
  • Off-limb observations
  • Formation heights and spectral characteristics of flare ribbons
  • Radiation mechanisms and radiative transfer aspects at different spectral domains

The meeting will focus on the flare chromosphere in the context of recent observations by SST, IRIS, SDO, RHESSI, as well as state-of-the-art flare models and bridge between models and observations. The opportunities provided by the new generation ground- and space-based solar telescopes such as DKIST, Solar C and Solar Orbiter, will also contribute. 


Abstract submission closed, please see the programme and abstracts submitted attached below.


David Kuridze (Aberystwyth University)

Lyndsay Fletcher (University of Glasgow)

Hugh Hudson (UCB and University of Glasgow)



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