Plato-UK Science Meeting - Day 2

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Organisers: D.Pollacco (QUB); A. Norton (OU)

PLATO is a proposed ESA mission, currently in defnition phase, for launch in 2018. The goals are to detect transits of Earth-like exoplanets from space, to characterise the properties of planetary systems, and to carry out asteroseismological analysis of both planet hosting stars and a wide range of stars of all types to test and advance our understanding of stellar evolution.

It is a multi telescope, high photometric precision, high time resolution mission which will observe several very wide fields for intervals of up to 3 years.

The PLATO UK consortium is planning a science meeting on Wednesday 3rd / Thursday 4th November to be held in the RAS Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, London. The meeting is open to all who are interested in PLATO science, and/or would like to use the high precision photometry in other areas of astronomy, and who wish to ?nd out how they might become involved in the mission.

Programme Details: PLATO_UK_meeting.pdf