From Hooke to Helioseismology

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From Hooke to HelioseismologyCollege Court, University of Leicester, 9th and 10th April 2015 Thursday April 9 2015 at Leicester10:00 am History of Seismology Meeting RegistrationFriday April 10 2015 at Leicester9:00 am History of Seismology Meeting Registration
Organisers: Aftab Khan, Edward Davis, Stewart Fishwick, Peter Maguire (Leicester), Ian Main (Edinburgh), Mary Fowler, Carol Williams (Cambridge) Earthquakes
Early British thinking on earthquakes from Shakespeare to Hooke
Dr Roger Musson, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Earthquake prediction – the Holy Grail
Professor Ian Main, Edinburgh
Long term slip deficit modeling and the location of high slip in future megathrust earthquakes
Professor John McCloskey, Ulster
Quiet Earthquakes
Dr Isabelle Ryder, Liverpool Instruments and Institutions
UK seismic monitoring through the decades
Dr Chris Browitt, British Geological Survey, Edinburgh
Research on test-ban verification and the history of seismology in the UK
Dr Alan Douglas, AWRE, Aldermaston
School SeismologyPaul Denton, British Geological Survey, Keyworth Controlled Source Seismology and Crustal Studies
From Mallet to LISPB
Dr David Bamford, formerly Head of Exploration, BP; Tullow Oil; now Premier Oil.
The KRISP & EAGLE projects: Crustal structure in the East African Rift
Professor Randy Keller, University of Oklahoma, College of Earth and Energy
Earthquakes, explosions and North Korean nuclear tests
Professor Anton Ziolkowski, Geosciences, Edinburgh
Seismic investigations of the Ocean Floor
Professor Robert White FRS, Earth Sciences, Cambridge
Reflections on BIRPS
Dr Richard Hobbs, Earth Sciences, Durham
Inversion of the full seismic wavefield, high-fidelity imaging of Chicxulub, subduction zones and active volcanoes
Professor Joanna Morgan, Department of Earth Science & Engineering, Imperial College, London
Sizing up to the energy challenge; seismology and the oil and gas industry
Dr Patrick Bermingham, Exploration Chief Geophysicist, Shell International Exploration and Production
Reservoirs under stress: Microseismic monitoring of fracture stimulation
Professor Mike Kendall, Earth Sciences, Bristol Passive Seismology
Tomography and the Outer Earth
Dr Stewart Fishwick, Geology, Leicester
Imaging Upper Mantle Discontinuities
Dr Catherine Rychert, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
Dr James Wookey, Earth Sciences, Bristol
Interferometry and Seismic Noise
Prof Andrew Curtis, Geosciences, Edinburgh
Helioseismology: Revealing the Sun's internal structure and dynamics
Dr Michael J. Thompson, National Centre for Atmospheric Research. Boulder, CO, USA
Seismology in the UK
Dr Walter Mooney, Research Seismologist and former Head of Seismology, USGS, Menlo Park, California Please see full programme at