Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds

Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds conference poster
The Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds conference will take place in Edinburgh from 7 to 13 November 2022.
University of Edinburgh
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The inaugural Forming and Exploring Habitable Worlds meeting is a multi-discipline weeklong international scientific event taking place in Edinburgh and Stirlingshire, UK, in November 2022. This activity is Chaired by Amy Riches and hosted by the University of Edinburgh's School of Geosciences to provide a forum for the exchange of new interdisciplinary findings and ideas relating to two principal themes:

1) The origins of habitable bodies in and beyond our home Solar System
2) The motivation for and current status of priorities for space exploration and its governance

This meeting is to accommodate - with generous spacing for reasons of COVID safety - roughly 120 in-person delegates of all career stages based in a range of relevant employment sectors. A hybrid model is envisaged to be delivered so as to broaden participation by accommodating virtual attendance of additional delegates. The welcoming atmosphere of this modest-sized event will foster friendly scientific exchange and shall help to promote networking beneficial to early, mid, and senior career planetary scientists, astronomers, astrophysicists, astrobiologists, space lawyers, educators,  space technology / mission innovators, and relevant others. Students and those in their early careers are particularly encouraged to attend and contribute their work in this friendly gathering. 

The Royal Astronomical Society and Nu-Ametek are thanked for their support. Support for meeting access bursaries and event sponsors are evolving and will be updated in the new year.

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University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences

Drummond St, Edinburgh EH8 9XP


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