Challenging Afro-pessimism: The SKA in Africa

An image of a radio telescope in the desert of Africa
Square Kilometer Array Africa
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This lecture is part of the free and open to the public lecture series for the Royal Astronomical Society's bicentenary celebrations and will take place online.


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Challenging Afro-pessimism: The SKA in Africa

As part of Dr. Tana Joseph's work, she uses data from the two Square Kilometre Array (SKA) precursor telescopes in South African and Australia. In her talk, she will introduce the SKA project and showcase some of its groundbreaking results. She will discuss how the SKA project is building research capabilities in Africa and the broader impact the project is having, from improving schools in rural South Africa, to cutting edge data intensive facilities.



About our speaker:

Dr. Tana Joseph is a South African astronomer. science communicator and entrepreneur currently based in the UK. Her area of research is black holes and neutron stars in binary stellar systems outside our own Milky Galaxy. Using telescopes on the ground and in space, she explores how these systems form, grow and shape the environment around them. Dr. Joseph completed her PhD at the University of Southampton before returning to Cape Town to start her research career. She has worked as a researcher and outreach astronomer and held both Fulbright and Royal Society Fellowships.


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Dr Tana Joseph
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