From the Lobster’s Eye to Alien Oceans (JUICE - ESA’s mission to Ju piter)

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From the Lobster's Eye to Alien Oceans (JUICE - ESA's mission to
Jupiter)Dr Nigel Bannister What are the conditions for planet formation and the emergence of life, and how does the Solar System work? These are the key questions which provide the motivation for the European Space Agency's JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission, which will explore Jupiter and it's retinue of icy moons. JUICE was formally adopted by ESA in December 2014, clearing the way toward implementation of the mission, which is scheduled for launch in 2022. In this talk I will describe the mission, including the design of the spacecraft, and its scientific goals. I will summarise the instrumentation to be carried by the spacecraft - including contributions from the UK - and consider some of the engineering challenges of mounting a mission to the largest planet in the solar system. Dr Nigel Bannister is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Leicester, where his research interests include planetary science, Ultraviolet and visible wavelength imaging systems, and the development of technologies derived from space instrumentation for the early detection of skin, lung and eye cancers. He is a Co-Investigator on J-MAG: the magnetometer instrument which will be flown on the JUICE mission, and is responsible for the radiation design of the instrument. His spare time is generally occupied keeping 15 ducks, 2 children and a retired greyhound under control. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception for Friends in the Library.