Lecture for Friends of the RAS: From Dust to Life

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From Dust to LifeJacqueline Mitton
Understanding the origin and evolution of our solar system may one day provide answers to the question of human origins. This talk is about how the worlds that make up the solar system arose from common beginnings billions of years ago, and what scientists and philosophers have deduced about the most likely way the solar system formed, its age, how its layout has changed over time and the consequences of those changes. Jacqueline Mitton has been involved in bringing astronomy to the public in a variety of ways for more than 30 years. She was Press Officer of the Royal Astronomical Society for 15 years and Editor of the Journal of the British Astronomical Association for 7 years. She is author or co-author more than 20 astronomy books for children and the general public, including “From Dust to Life: The origin and Evolution of the Solar System” published in December 2013. The talk will be followed by a wine reception in the Library.