Friends of the RAS only: Looking at the Universe with photography a nd artworks

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Looking at the Universe with photography and artworksDr Paul Murdin From the Palaeolithic era until now, people have made images of the universe to show how it looks and express how it relates to us. A recent book published by Phaidon collects and compares pictures and artworks to chart the development of our understanding of the universe as expressed by scientists and artists. Paul Murdin tells the story of this arts/science collaboration and presents highlights from the book. Paul Murdin is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. He discovered the first known stellar mass black hole in the Galaxy, Cygnus X-1. He helped set up the UK telescopes on La Palma and is known for his popular books about astronomy. An RAS member since 1959, he was Treasurer of the RAS from 2001 to 2011. Copies of the book will be available to buy for £30 (special offer to members of the RAS). The talk will be followed by a drinks reception in the Library.