Friends only lecture: Astronomy of the Pharoahs

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Astronomy of the PharaohsDr Lisette Petrie Dynastic Ancient Egypt, ruled by the Pharaohs, lasted three millennia, from about 3000 BCE to the time of Caesar. During all this time the Sun, in various guises, was an important god for the Egyptians as we know from many written records and images. We will investigate the changing images of the Sun and the night sky, and look at evidence of the Egyptian knowledge of the workings of the sky in alignments, calendars and images of astronomical observation and timekeeping throughout this
period, also considering unanswered questions of what they didn't record. Lisette Petrie is the only grandchild of the Egyptologist Flinders Petrie (and almost
100 years his junior!) She grew up with a 5000 year old pot on the dresser, but didn't really develop an interest in Egyptology when she was young. She took a degree in astronomy to keep her brain active when her children were small and has taught the subject for the Open University and the Sussex Institute for the last 20+ years.  She has visited Egypt several times and became fascinated by the representations of the sky in temples, tombs and coffins, which led on to further study.