European Week of Astronomy & Space Science (EWASS)/National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) 2018

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A RAS Specialist Discusion Meeting organised by *Sugata Kaviraj (Hertfordshire);
Sadegh Khochfar (Edinburgh); Julien Devriendt (Oxford); Richard Bower (Durham); Debora Sijacki (Cambridge) * A significant and exciting recent advance in galaxy evolution modelling is the advent of full hydro-dynamical simulations in cosmological volumes, which offer detailed survey-scale predictions that can be compared to current and future surveys. UK researchers, with their strong tradition of leadership in theoretical modelling, have leading roles in the development and exploitation of these simulations (e.g. HORIZON-AGN, EAGLE, Illustris). In concert with current and future observational datasets, these models will, over the next few years, play a fundamental role in understanding the processes that drive stellar mass and black-hole growth and morphological transformations over cosmic time.

This one-day meeting aims to (1) bring together theorists from across the UK, in order to foster collaboration between different simulation groups, (2) inform the UK’s observational community of the capabilities of today’s state-of-the-art simulations, and (3) lay the groundwork for the exploitation of forthcoming datasets, by stimulating collaborations between theorists and observers. By providing a focal point for theorists, and bridging the gap between theorists and observers, this meeting will enable the UK community to better position itself, both for the exploitation of current instruments, and for the theoretical analysis of data from next-generation Big Data facilities like LSST, EUCLID and the SKA, in which the UK community has a significant stake.